Snowmaking Products

Snowguns, Snowhose, Pumps, Compressors & More

Whittier Canada is proud to distribute the Highest Quality snowmaking equipment available today. Our products are produced by suppliers who take pride in manufacturing durable, safe equipment to meet all of your snowmaking needs.

The following is a list of some of the products we have available. If you do not see a product on our list that you may be interested in, please feel free to contact us.


A full range of low energy snowmaking equipment driven by the need for performance and operational ease.


A full range of high performance fanguns driven by the demand for high volume production and massive throw.

KLIK Hydrant Systems

HKD breaks the mold for snowmaking hydrants with its revolutionary KLIK hydrant technology.

Portable Snowmaking

Completely portable snomguns offering snowmakers the ability to make snow in areas that have previously been a challenge due to location

Dust Suppression

HKD Blue has a unique multi-pronged approach to dust suppression through our dual nozzle technology.


Our engineers specialize in providing expertise for all aspects of designing a snowmaking system.

Snowhose & Hydrants

Superior performance and durability and Canadian made high pressure snowhose & air/water hydrants.

Snowmaking Additive

DRIFT is a patented snowmaking additive used by snowmakers worldwide. DRIFT snow is easier to groom and great to ski and ride.

Other Snowmaking Products

Pumps, Compressors, Sleds, Tower & Post Padding, Installation Services, and much more.