Drift Snowmaking Additive

Ready to Go, High Quality Snow for Less


DRIFT is a patented snowmaking additive used by snowmakers worldwide. DRIFT snow is easier to groom and great to ski and ride.

DRIFT allows more rapid and thorough freezing of the water drops and results in a more consistent finished snow product on the slopes. DRIFT can keep your slopes both fun and profitable in several ways:

  • Higher quality snow at marginal temperatures
  • Produces dry, high-quality snow for less
  • Easily pushed out piles
  • Improved water flow
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster cure times

Start enjoying the benefits of DRIFT on your slopes.

MT-30 Injection System

The MT-30 Injection System is a convenient and economical way to inject DRIFT Snowmaking Additive into your snowmaking water.

The system allows for manual control and has the capability of handling up to 1,000 psi pressure and flow-rates as high as 5,000 gpm.